Concentration down to earth?
Bring it back in orbit with
S-Nap Shot.


Yeah well all cool but what is it?

S-Nap Shot is a space drink because drinking it gives the effect of a super nap: right what it takes to regain concentration when you have a moment of down.

Some examples? Come on, as if you don't know what Im talking about. Like when you're playing and you are killed one time after another - like the last of the noobs - because it's you who is lagging.

Or when you have to study but you can't even remember what Uni you attend, let alone the formula of Fourier. Whatever it is.

Not to mention when you're in the office: tiredness is that of Friday but it's only Tuesday. And of course it rains, which has nothing to do with it but it makes context.

And when you have to drive? Well to drive a car or motorbike is not like to pilot a shuttle but better be careful no?: it's full of wandering asteroids out there.

Here, in these moments and many others S-Nap Shot is right for you: a sip and you're in orbit again, at the top of concentration ready to face new challenges.

Yes, but what is it made of? What's its taste? How does it work? Is there life on Jupiter?

I don't know if there is life on Jupiter because I haven't been there yet. But I can list the ingredients of S-Nap Shot. If you really want to know exactly how it works - don't you trust? - click the + icon to our pharma brains. There is real science in a can of S-Nap Shot, not marketing crap ingredients.


15ml lime juice > 20ml coconut syrup > colmare il bicchiere con s-nap shot - mescolare a preferenza
0,20 ml lime juice > 0,60 ml vodka > top s-nap shot 0,50 ml - rigorosamente mescolato
0,20 ml succo di limone fresco > 0,25 simple syrup(zucchero liquido) > 0,60 gin London dry ( i London dry sono una categoria di gin nn un brand) > top s-nap shot (0,50 ml) – mescolare a preferenza

Cool, take my f***ing money. How can I buy S-Nap Shot?

Buy S-Nap shot in our store. We plan to reach all the known galaxies and, on the way, to discover them as well some new.


Produced and Distributed by: Magnoglia SARL

That's enough? Does it all’end like this? Nope!

A product like S-Nap Shot could have no partnership stellar? Fasten your seat belts, we will take off now.